About Friendly's Sports Bar & Grill

Friendly Tavern was originally a known social club in south St. Louis. After a series of owners spanning four decades, Friendly's was purchased by Glen Hatfield in the 60's.

Glen was an ex police officer. The neighborhood took well to Glen and Friendly's became the "official" hangout for the Holy Family Parish crowd. There were probably more meetings held at Friendly's to discuss church business, than there were at the church hall. In the early 80's, Eva and Mike Drab well-respected members of Holy Family purchased the building that houses Friendly's, a Laundromat, and three upstairs apartments. Eventually Mike and Eva took over Friendly's and almost immediately started construction on an addition. The bar was doubled in size to include a dining room and full service kitchen. Friendly's quickly became one of the hot spots in South St. Louis. Eva and Mike enjoyed tremendous success and popularity until their retirement in the 90's.

The bar was closed for about six months for extensive renovations and then re-opened under the ownership of Terri Larrison. Terri re-opened Friendly's as a true neighborhood bar and restaurant. She also brought in Denny Domachowski to be her manager and make Friendly's a dominate sports bar in the area. Now, 15 years later, Denny has expanded Friendly's with the addition of a HUGE game room with a giant wall of TV's in place of the laundromat. He also added an outdoor patio and beer garden to the bar as well which is perfect for outdoor bar games or enjoying a great afternoon and a few cold drinks with friends. 

Established 1928

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